FanDuel Florida: Sportsbook Review & Promo Code

Fact Checked by Shannon Lane

FanDuel is one of the biggest players in the legal sports betting game. We’re going to go over all that FanDuel will offer if it expands to Florida sports betting. In addition to describing the different types of sports bets available, my comprehensive review of FanDuel Florida will walk you through the user experience you can expect.

FanDuel Florida Sportsbook Promo Code

Quick Glance At FanDuel Sportsbook Florida

💻 Best ForLive Streaming
🎉 Expected Launch OfferBet $5, Get $100 in Bonus Bets
📲 Device CompatibilityAndroid, iOS, Safari, Windows
🏈 Available SportsFootball, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Hockey & More
💳 Minimum Deposit$10
💰 Wagering RequirementNone
Withdrawal Time48 Hours or less on electronic withdrawals
📅 Online Since2022

Legislation Timeline at FanDuel Florida

Florida sports betting legalization remains a work in progress. Here is a quick recent history:

  • 📅 December 7, 2023: FanDuel officially misses out on the initial launch of Florida in-person sports betting and a retail casino, coupled with the re-launch of Hard Rock Bet. It remains unknown if FanDuel's betting app will ever launch in The Sunshine State,
  • 📅 November 17, 2023: The Florida Supreme Court denies the request to expedite West Flagler's legal hearings, getting one step closer to HRB having exclusive access to Florida.
  • 📅 June 30, 2023: The D.C. District Court of Appeals' decision reinstates the Florida-Seminole Gaming Compact, finding that it does not violate the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) and it should be left to Florida state courts to decide its legality.
  • 📅 Jan. 2023: FanDuel begins operating their FanDuel Racing app within their Sportsbook app product.
  • 📅 Dec. 2022: The D.C. District Court of Appeals heard arguments from the Seminole Tribe and the U.S. Department of the Interior, as well as West Flagler Associates.
  • 📅 Aug-Oct. 2022: The Seminole Tribe and the U.S. Department of the Interior submit briefs and appeals to reinstate the Florida-Seminole Gaming Compact.
  • 📆 Jan. 31, 2022: FanDuel and DraftKings fail to get enough signatures to get a ballot initiative in front of voters in 2022.
  • 📆 Dec. 4, 2021: After additional unfavorable court rulings, Hard Rock pulls the plug on their Florida sports betting app. DraftKings Sportsbook and FanDuel vow to get 900,000 signatures to get a sports betting initiative on the November 2022 ballot.
  • 📆 Nov. 22, 2021: A federal court vacates the Florida-Seminole Gaming Compact, thus reversing the legalization of sports betting. Hard Rock continues to accept wagers for now.
  • 📆 Nov. 1, 2021: The first betting app in Florida is launched by the Seminole Tribe, which owns the Hard Rock brand, for legal in-state sports wagers.
  • 📅 July 2021: West Flagler Associates, owners of Magic City Casino in Miami and Bonita Springs Poker Room in Southwest Florida, file a federal lawsuit contending that the compact lawmakers passed violates the IGRA and state Constitution Amendment 3.
  • 📅 May 2021: The Florida legislature approves the Compact in a special session.
  • 📅 April 2021: Florida governor Ron DeSantis agrees to the Florida-Seminole Gaming Compact, which allows the tribe to serve as the state’s hub for sports betting. The “hub-and-spoke” sports-betting plan would allow those in Florida to place sports bets using apps on cell phones, and the Seminoles would host the sports-betting activities through computer servers on tribal lands. The compact says bets made anywhere in Florida using a mobile app or other electronic device "shall be deemed to be exclusively conducted by the tribe.”

Everything You Need to Know About FanDuel Sportsbook in Florida

FanDuel Sportsbook is not currently live in The Sunshine State but if it was, it would easily be one of the top Florida betting apps. The operator was working with DraftKings to garner 1M signatures to get a Florida ballot initiative approved for November 2022. However, those efforts failed, and the initiative did not appear on the ballot.

FanDuel made its name as a giant in the Daily Fantasy Sports space and has since expanded seamlessly into online sports betting. FanDuel has the highest-rated app in the space.

Both the app and website are very easy to navigate and when you log on, you will see that it offers competitive markets on virtually any wager you can name. For good reason, FanDuel is recognized as one of the premier online betting sites.

FanDuel is owned by Ireland-based Flutter Entertainment, the biggest online gambling company in the world. Once Florida re-opens the sports betting window, FanDuel is sure to come aboard.

Latest FanDuel Sportsbook Promotions

FanDuel typically offers a variety of attractive bonuses and promotions. When you sign up you will get a sign-up bonus. And once logged in, you will find a Promotions tab on the top of the website, and under the Accounts tab on the app. There you will see special offers such as boosted odds on single bets and parlays.

Win Bet Insurance on Featured Horse Races

Every day now through July 31, FanDuel is offering bet insurance on one featured race. When you opt in to this promo, you can place a bet on a single horse to win. If the horse finishes second or third, you will receive the amount of the win portion you wagered up to $5. The featured race drops 1-2 days beforehand, so make sure to check FanDuel's website to check out the offers.

Quick Bets

You can bet alongside FanDuel host and TV personality Kay Adams with her "Up & Adams" social media bets! She'll pick quick bets throughout the year, and you can decide if you want to join her wager.

FanDuel also offers other daily quick hit bets, so make sure to check the FanDuel promotions tab on their website or app.

Same-Game Parlays

The same game parlay wager is available across multiple sports, including golf tournaments and MLB baseball, so keep an eye on the promotions tab to see what’s on offer each day. This offer will give you enhanced odds on a particular bet in a specific game or special event. FanDuel also offers a SGP+ product, which combines multiple bets from the same game with more bets from other games in one parlay, so there are lots of options to choose from when betting with FanDuel Sportsbook.

Perfect Picks

One of FanDuel’s most popular promotions is a free-to-enter picks contest that is rolled out for major sports events. It could be during the NBA or MLB playoffs or even during the NFL regular season. The idea is that you answer a few questions on any given game day and those who get all the predictions correct share the $5,000 site credit prize pool.

Bonus Bets

Bonus Bets are like the store credit of sportsbooks; you can wager with bonuses credited to your account through other wagers and promotions. Some Bonus Bets will be available only to use on straight bets, and others are eligible for specific sports, games or bet types. At FanDuel, you have seven days to use Bonus Bets before they expire.

Profit Boosts

FanDuel Profit Boosts are maybe the easiest way to win more without having to risk any more in your wagers. Wagers that are eligible for a Profit Boost will give you an option to opt in before placing your bet. If it wins, you get a boosted payout! It's that simple.

Profit Boosts are available on straight bets, prop bets, moneyline wagers, point spread betting and totals betting. You'll just have to check the app to find these great deals.

Refer a Friend

This is the FanDuel referral program that rewards both you and your friends. All you need to do is send a referral link to your friend and once they sign up for an online sports betting account they must then place and settle a bet with a minimum $10 stake. Once that bet is settled both you and your friend will receive $50 in Bonus Bets and $25 in Casino Credit.

Is There a FanDuel Florida NFL Promo? 

No, there is not currently a FanDuel Florida NFL promo, but FanDuel nationally runs several NFL promos throughout the season. These can include same game parlays, playoffs specials, and Super Bowl offers and promotions. However, the most popular NFL promotion is the perfect picks promo mentioned earlier. While this contest runs for multiple sports, it’s the NFL picks that really draw in the fans. You must answer several questions based on games during a specific game day or game week. The fans that get all predictions correct share in a daily prize pool that can be $5,000 or even higher. Best of all, this is a free-to-enter contest.

FanDuel Florida Pros and Cons

FanDuel Florida Pros
Same-Game Parlay has countless options
Very quick and easy to navigate
Ability to live bet many different events
FanDuel Florida Cons
Fewer deposit options than other operators
Customer support has live chat, but wait times are long
  • Bank Transfer
  • Check
  • ACH Transfer
  • PayNearMe
  • PayPal
  • MasterCard
  • VISA

FanDuel Florida Features

All the best legal online sports betting sites offer a bevy of features that users will find appealing. FanDuel Florida is no exception.

Live Betting Feature

FanDuel offers Live Betting on a huge array of sports. FanDuel covers all the majors like NFL, NBA, and MLB as well as many of the more esoteric sports. And it's all very easy to access. Just log on and if there’s a major sport going on, you’ll see Live Markets right in the middle of the screen on either the app or website. If it's a less popular sport, you just need to hit up the tab for that sport and you will find Live Betting markets there.

Live Sports Streaming

When you are on any Live Betting screen on the FanDuel app or website, click on the “Watch Live” tab and you will find a list of sporting events you can stream live. FanDuel offers Live Sports Streaming on all sorts of major and minor sports, with a most notably wide array of soccer offerings. That’s perhaps thanks to their Ireland-based parent company.

Early Cash Outs

Are you having second thoughts about a wager? FanDuel offers an Early Cash Out option on many bets. Go to the Active Bets screen and you will see all of your current wagers. If you see a green “Cash Out” button, you can cancel out the bet with a couple of clicks.

Just keep in mind that betting markets change, so it's possible that the Cash Out is not a full refund. It's also possible the betting market moved in your favor, in which case the Cash Out turned a profit.

Same-Game Parlays

Not only are Same-Game Parlays allowed on Florida sports betting sites, but it is also heavily promoted. FanDuel is no different. Log on and you will see some pre-packed and priced Same Game Parlays at the top of the main screen. Or if you prefer, FanDuel lets you create your own SGP’s. Simply click on an event with a green “SGP” marker and you will see all the wagering options on that game. You can add anything with an “SGP” on it into your parlay.

Frequency of Odds Boosts

FanDuel offers daily Odds Boosts. Just click on the “Boosts” tab on the list of sports near the top of the app screen or website. There you will find a few offerings each day, something like “Tampa Bay Lightning and Miami Heat both to win, boosted from +110 to +150”. There’s also a “Promotions” tab near the top which has further ways to enhance your odds.

Horse Racing with FanDuel

You can already bet on Horse Races with the FanDuel Racing app in Florida. It's a separate app and nominally a separate account from your regular and/or DFS accounts at FanDuel, but you can intermingle the same funds. You can wager on Thoroughbreds and harness racing on US tracks as well as tracks all over the world. What’s more, FanDuel Live Streams races from many locations.

Everything You Need to Know About the FanDuel Florida App

The FanDuel app is available in both the App Store and on Google Play. It gets a 4,8 rating on the App Store and 4.7 on Google Play and requires 54.2 MB of storage. In addition to English, FanDuel is available in Danish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish. It's a generally fast app that’s intuitive and lets you easily build bets.

Florida Teams Available Using the FanDuel App

You will find markets on a huge array of sports on FanDuel Florida. Want to wager on the Miami Dolphins or the Buccaneers or the Miami Heat? They are all easy to find either under their respective sports tabs or on FanDuel’s “Local” tab. The sportsbook even offers you the option to bet on Tyreek Hill's MVP odds.

It's undetermined whether Florida will allow betting on collegiate sports. If they do, there will be tabs for college sports, so you can view markets for Florida Gators, Miami Hurricanes, Florida State Seminoles and others in there too.

The links below track this season's playoff chances and Super Bowl odds for all 3 of Florida's NFL teams:

Betting Types Available in Florida with FanDuel

There are many betting options that players from the serious to the novice love. FanDuel offers all of the following.

  • Moneylines A Moneyline is a bet on the winner of the game. “Negative” odds are expressed as the amount of money you would need to wager to win $100, and conversely “positive” odds are expressed in how much you would win if you bet $100. For example, let's say Miami Heat is -180 vs the Philadelphia 76ers at +150. You would need to risk $180 to win $100 if the Heat win, and a $100 bet on Philly would net you $150 if the Sixers win.
  • Spread Bets A spread bet is a straight bet with a point spread involved. Say it's Dolphins -6 points vs the Jets. If you bet on the Dolphins, you win the bet if they win the game by greater than 6 points. FanDuel, like the other legal wagerine sites, typically prices spread bets at -110, so you would need to risk $110 to win $100 on a bet like this.
  • Parlay Bets A parlay is a bet where you combine at least two or more bets. To win, all “legs” within the parlay must cash. You can create a parlay out of any combo of straight bets, moneylines, totals, props, or really anything that has a line on it, across different sports. Payouts depend on how many legs are in the parlay and on the individual odds of each leg. Want to parlay the Heat Moneyline vs the Sixers, the Dolphins -6 vs the Jets, and add in an Over on the Tampa Lightning vs Florida Panthers hockey game and a prop bet on the Orlando Magic game? FanDuel and the other legal bookmakers will give you a price on it.
  • Over/Under Totals A Total, or Over/Under bet is a wager on the combined total points (or runs, or goals et al) scored in the game. Say it's Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs the Jacksonville Jaguars and you see a Total of 47 points. If you bet the Over, you win if the teams combine to score more than 47 points, and conversely the Under wins if they combine for less than 47. Totals typically price at -110 as in regular spread bets.
  • Futures Bets A typical futures bet is a wager on some event to occur by the end of a season. For example, you might see something like Tampa Bay Rays +1200 to win the next World Series. A $100 bet nets you $1200 if the Rays take the crown. Futures bet on Win totals are also popular, such as Florida Gators football Over/Under 7.5 wins.
  • Player Prop Bets Props are bets on a specific achievement. There are player props such as “Tom Brady to throw Over/Under 1.5 TD passes vs the Dolphins” and team props like “Florida Gators Over/Under 2.5 Sacks vs. the Miami Hurricanes”. And some props are barely tethered to sports at all, like props on the length of the National Anthem at the Super Bowl.
  • Round Robin Bets A Round Robin is just a larger parlay divided into a series of smaller parlays. Let’s take that 4-leg parlay from above. A round-robin would let you divide into subsets such as six 2-legged parlays. Think of it as each pick combined pick…there are 3+2+1 leg combos. Alternatively, you could divide the four legs into four 3-legged parlays. Or play both the 2-leg and 3-leg round robins. And so on.

How FanDuel's Odds and Lines Work

“Juice” or “vig” is the money books hold on their bets, essentially their profit margin. Legal sports betting apps may differentiate a bit on service and offerings, but they don’t tend to deviate much on the juice. FanDuel defaults to -110 on standard bets on virtually every market in every major sport.

You may see odds like -105 on one side and -115 on the other, or even +100 vs -120, but that’s effectively the same as the -110’s, its just reflective of more action on one side of the bet, but not enough action to move the underlying sports betting point spread. FanDuel does make strong markets in soccer probably thanks to their European parent company.

Payment Methods

Florida betting sites want to make it quick, easy, and convenient to deposit money into your mobile sports betting site.

  • 💰 Online Banking
  • 💰 Debit/Credit Card
  • 💰 Venmo
  • 💰 PayPal
  • 💰 Cash at Counter
  • 💰 Cash with PayNearMe
  • 💰 FanDuel Prepaid Play+
  • 💰 Gift Card

Deposits and Withdrawals

Let's go over the process of how to deposit and withdraw funds and FanDuel Florida.


To get started, click on the green “Deposit” button on the upper right-hand corner of the website, or click on “Account” at the bottom of the front screen on the app. You will then see myriad funding options as in the screen above. You can do an ACH transfer from your bank, pay via credit, wire money, use Venmo or PayPal, a prepaid Play+ card, or a gift card.

Simply click on your preferred method of payment, click on the amount you would like to deposit, fill out any more account info FanDuel would need, and then click and your funds will transfer quickly. Having completed these steps, you'll be all set to begin sports betting.


To withdraw funds, click on the Account icon on the top right of the website or the bottom of the app, then choose how you would like to receive your funds. The quickest options are PayPal and (soon) Venmo, both of which should arrive within 48 hours. Online banking will take 2-4 business days and a check will take roughly 7-10 business days. If you can make it to a cage at a FanDuel affiliated casino, you can get your funds immediately.

FanDuel Florida Daily Fantasy Sports Contests

FanDuel is one of the biggest Daily Fantasy Sports players, offering sports-specific contests on all the big leagues and events. You can toggle right over by clicking on the “Fantasy” tab on the left of the main screen on the website. When there, you will find an enormous array of game offerings.

  • ⭐️ Guaranteed Prize Pool (GPP) tournaments: These vary in the quantity of participants. Some have thousands of entries, some are limited to under 100. They also vary in the number of times one player can enter as some allow multiple entries while others limit you to a single entry. These tournaments have huge payouts at the top, so while the odds are small, the reward is quite large. And as the name implies, the prize pool is a fixed dollar amount so there are times when there’s an Expected Value edge in simply entering a pool if it must run whether its filled or not.
  • ⭐️ Head-to-Head: Kind of the diametric opposite of GPP, you only have to outscore one other player. This is available at virtually all price points. A variation of this is a 50/50 game where anyone who finishes in the top half of the contest gets an identical fixed prize.
  • ⭐️ Beat the Score games: FanDuel provides a target score and you set your lineup and if you beat the FanDuel target score, you win. In this variation it doesn’t matter how your opponents do, you can all win!
Popular Popular in Florida
Terms apply for all bonuses. Must be 18+ to participate.  
Must be 18+ to participate. T&Cs apply.

FanDuel Rewards for Sports Bettors in Florida

FanDuel does not have a loyalty rewards program. The DFS side does have a Players Club program where participants earn points towards free DFS contest entries. They do offer rewards for referrals. If your friend signs up through your link, you will get a $50 sports bonus and $50 casino credit once they bet $10.

FanDuel User Experience

FanDuel in Florida is a great addition to any portfolio of legal online sports betting accounts. Both the app and website are fast and intuitive and there are ample wagering options. There is an easy-to-find “Live Now” tab where you will see markets on everything in action. They get high marks in the App Store for a reason as FanDuel Florida is an excellent site.

FanDuel does offer odds boosts, but not quite as many as some other sites. And we would love to see them add a Rewards program going forward.

My Unbiased FanDuel Florida App Review

The FanDuel mobile app works very well. It's intuitively laid out with a series of buttons up top that instantly connect you to the most popular sports at the moment as well as the “Live Now”, “Boosts” and “Promos” features. Once you find a game you want to bet on, just click on your wager and a box pops up to let you enter the amount you plan to bet. Then just click on the green button on the bottom that describes your bet, and you are set. The whole process takes seconds. Internet connection speed of course always varies, but the site itself generally moves smoothly.

Website Interface

The website is attractive and works quite well. Of course, the online website screen is much larger than on the app and thus the betting options are all accessible on the left side of the presentation. Click on any sport and you will find a few promos up top with the individual games themselves underneath. If anything is currently live, you can bet on it right from this screen as well as through the Live Now button on the top left.

Customer Support for Sports Betting Operators

To contact Customer Support, click on the Account icon then click on “Help and Support”. You will first be sent to a “Help FAQ” screen. If you click through there you will find a search bar where you can enter in a question or search item. If you can’t find your answer, there is a “Chat With an Expert” tab on the bottom right corner of the screen. There you can Live Chat with a bot, or request a live agent. In my experience, the wait time for a live agent was in the 10-15 minute range and they were able to answer my questions. Those wait times are of course quite variable.

Safety and Security

As per FanDuel, “our talented team of engineers and security specialists works non-stop to make our code as secure as possible. However, software without a single vulnerability simply does not exist in the real world. As our products evolve and technology advances, new vulnerabilities are bound to arise. But our Vulnerability Disclosure policy and partnership with HackerOne help us stay ahead of any potential problems.”

Essentially, FanDuel asks users to report any vulnerabilities they discover to HackerOne. In return, the user gets site rewards if he/she discovers a bug or some sort of vulnerability. You can of course help yourself by not picking an easy-to-guess password like “12345” (even if that’s the password for your luggage) and also changing your password frequently.

How to Sign-Up for a FanDuel Account in Florida

Signing up for FanDuel is easy. First go to on the web or download the FanDuel app on the App Store or at Google Play. Then click on Bet Now, or Sign Up on the app. Next, pick your state. If you already have a FanDuel DFS account, you can just log on. If not, you will be asked for your email and to choose a Username and password and then click “Create Account”.

FanDuel will then ask for your full name, mobile number, home address and the last four digits of your social security number. Enter any promo codes you have, pick how you will fund your account, agree to the terms and you are good to go.

How Gambling Winnings Are Taxed in Florida

Good news, Florida has no state income tax, and as of now that means no specific state tax on sports betting winnings. You would still potentially have to pay Federal taxes as you would in any state with legalized sports betting. For now, it's all moot with legalized sports betting in flux in Florida.

When sports betting does become legal in Florida, you can make use of our Florida gambling winnings tax calculator.

Responsible Sports Gambling with FanDuel

You can see info from FanDuel by clicking on the “RG” tab on the top right of the website, or on the top of the app. FanDuel provides tools to set your own limits on deposits, spending, and time on the site or app. If you decrease any limits, FanDuel will enforce immediately whereas increases will need to wait until your previous limits pass.

To set limits, scroll down on the “RG” page and click on any and all limitations you would like to set. You can also limit the size of your wagers and the quantity of and/or dollars risked on FanDuel contests.

Learn More About FanDuel Florida

FanDuel is an excellent addition to your group of sports wagering platforms. The website and app are well-structured and generally quickly responsive. The markets you see are broadly in line with the other legal sports books. It always pays to open as many sports betting accounts as you can as odds on games can vary and always getting the best price available really adds up over time.

Florida Sports Betting FAQ


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