Ron DeSantis 2024 Odds: DeSantis Favored to Win Over Trump

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Next week, Ron DeSantis will go head-to-head on the ballot against Democrat Charlie Crist to be the next Governor of Florida. Despite the incumbent sitting as the favorite heading into the matchup, DeSantis has been bombarded with inquiries about his ambitions of running for President in 2024, including from Crist during their debate last month.

Is Ron DeSantis Running for President? If so, what are his odds to win against Trump and Biden in 2024? We cover all that and more in this ultimate guide to betting on Ron DeSantis odds.

Latest Ron DeSantis Odds: Next President of the United States

Ron DeSantis odds are currently listed at +225 to be the Next President of the United States, which implies a 30.8% chance Governor DeSantis is elected President in 2024. 

Ron DeSantis+225 (30.8% Chance)
Donald Trump+370 (22.2% Chance)
Joe Biden+400 (20% Chance)
Gavin Newsom+1600 (5.9% Chance)
Kamala Harris+1800 (5.3% Chance)
Pete Buttigieg+2500 (3.8% Chance)

Donald Trump continues to hold as the 2024 betting favorite after recently increasing his chances to winning to 25% (+300) heading into the midterms. President Biden saw his odds worsen recently, putting an even wider gap between his and Trump's odds of winning.

Ron DeSantis has held steady around +350 (22.2%) since his short stint as the sole favorite back in early July. In September, DeSantis was tied with Trump for a few days but only because Trump's odds worsened. Overall, it's clear whoever does end up the GOP nominee next cycle will be favored over Biden.

Worth noting, Florida sports betting is currently prohibited, including betting on politics. Odds used are from Ladbrokes Sportsbook in the UK, where betting on politics is legal and regulated.

Key Developments for Ron DeSantis Odds to be President

There have been some key developments impacting 2024 presidential election odds. Below, we've laid out those key developments to give more context to how we got here.

  • 📆 November 23, 2022: Ron DeSantis becomes the 2024 betting favorite following the midterms elections.
  • 📆 November 4, 2022: Trump's 2024 odds continue to shorten as rumors emerge DeSantis will not challenge him for the nomination and instead wait till 2028.
  • 📆 October 2022: Donald Trump re-takes his lead as the betting favorite thanks to the expectation his infamous Twitter account will be re-activated.
  • 📆 September 2022: Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump are now co-favorites at +333 (22.% Chance).
  • 📆 July 2022: Trump takes back the top spot in terms of favorites.
  • 📆 June 2022: Ron DeSantis becomes the betting favorite for 2024.
  • 📆 May 2022: DeSantis 2024 presidential odds shifted to push him above President Biden and into the top-two 2024 favorites.
  • 📆 January 2022: After opening behind VP Harris, DeSantis saw his odds shorten and Harris' odds lengthen, which pushed DeSantis into the third favorite spot and the current VP into the fourth spot.

As you can see, Ron DeSantis has held strong 2024 odds all year despite remaining mostly mum on his potential of running next cycle.

What are Ron DeSantis Chances to be President by 2033?

Ladbrokes offers a unique betting market for Ron DeSantis specifically, which implies Governor DeSantis has a 36.4% chance to be President by 2033. These odds increased from roughly 30% to over 36% following the midterms, a similar pattern as other betting markets.

In order for this bet to cash, the former Congressman and current Governor would have to run for the White House and win in either 2024, 2028 or 2032. As of now, the latest reports suggest DeSantis will not challenge Trump in 2024 but there are still plenty of experts who feel he will ultimately will jump in the race.

Is Ron DeSantis Running for President?

No, Ron DeSantis has not publicly declared he is running for president in 2024 despite many of his supporters pushing for him to run. Vanity Fair recently published an article suggesting GOP insiders are doubting DeSantis will challenge Trump.

DeSantis is currently running for re-election against Crist, which he is expected to win, but surprisingly the Governor has also not specifically denied interest in the running for President in 2024 or beyond.

Bookmakers, political analysts, national polling and DeSantis supporters alike all suggest the current Governor of Florida has the best chance of beating Trump should someone challenge the former President in 2024. And if DeSantis chooses to wait out 2024 in hopes of running in 2028 or 2032, expect him to be the heavy favorite barring any major scandal in-between now and then.

But for now, DeSantis continues to remain quiet on his aspirations to reach the White House.

Latest 2024 Republican Nominee Odds

If Ron DeSantis has any plans of winning the White House in 2024, he will need to secure the Republican nomination. As expected, the 2024 Republican nominee odds mirror the top of the overall election winner market with Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis sitting as the top 2 favorites.

Donald Trump10/11 (-110)
Ron DeSantis2/1 (+200)
Mike Pence12/1 (+1200)
Nikki Haley16/1 (+1600)

Ron DeSantis odds to be the next Republican nominee are 2 to 1 (+200), which equates to an implied probability of 33.3% and places him as the second favorite to represent the GOP in 2024. Donald Trump's is the favorite to be next Republican nominee at 1 to 1 (+100), an implied probability of 50.0%.

Behind Trump and DeSantis, the GOP has a significant drop-off in terms of national prominence and the Republican nominee odds reflect such.

Former Vice President Mike Pence odds to be the next GOP nominee are 12 to 1 (+1200), which carries an implied probability of 7.7%, while Nikki Haley is 16 to 1 (+1600) to win the party's nomination in 2024 (implied probability of 5.9%).

Odds to be Trump's Running Mate in 2024

Most of the focus when it comes to DeSantis and the 2024 presidential election is on the Governor's appetite to run against Trump but bookmakers have opened a market that might have some considering if DeSantis would run alongside Trump in 2024.

Trump + DeSantis8/1 (+800)
Trump + Haley14/1 (+1400)
Trump + Noem16/1 (+1600)
Trump + Scott20/1 (+2000)
Trump + Taylor Greene20/1 (+2000)
Trump + Pence25/1 (+2500)
Trump + Pompeo25/1 (+2500)
Trump + Hawley33/1 (+3300)

The latest the odds to be Trump's running mate in 2024 show the the favorite is Ron DeSantis. As of writing, the Trump + DeSantis ticket is listed as the favorite at 8 to 1 (+800), which holds a 7.7% implied probability.

Trump's next most likely running mate in terms of betting odds is Nikki Haley at 14 to 1 (+1400), followed up by Kristi Noem, Tim Scott and Majorie Taylor-Greene. Behind those five favorites you'll find Josh Hawley, Mike Pompeo and Mike Pence with odds listed to be the VP on Trump's ticket.

DeSantis Odds to be Vice President in 2024

Another unique betting market Ladbrokes offers for Ron DeSantis specifically is his odds to be Vice President in 2024. This is not contingent on who his running mate is, although many would assume it's former President Trump. Nonetheless, regardless of who is President, Ron DeSantis has 8 to 1 odds to be Vice President in 2024, which implies a 11.1% chance.

Who will be Ron DeSantis' Running Mate in 2024?

If you are taking the bookmakers' word for it, the most likely running mate for DeSantis should he run in 2024 is Kristi Noem, the Governor of South Dakota. Odds for a DeSantis + Noem ticket in 2024 are 20 to 1 (+2000), the best odds of any potential ticket that includes DeSantis as president.

Ron DeSantis + Kristi Noem20/1 (+2000)
Ron DeSantis + Candace Owens100/1 (+10000)

If not Noem, oddsmakers suggest the next most likely candidate to run as VP with DeSantis on the Republican ticket is conservative influencer Candace Owens. And Although a DeSantis + Owens ticket would certainly be an unconventional, oddsmakers believe the Florida Governor is more likely to take a risk than settle for a more traditional running mate should he not land the popular Noem as VP.

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