Betting Experts Tracking the Jacksonville Jaguars Super Bowl Odds: Week 3

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Jaguars Super Bowl Odds

Key Takeaways:

  • πŸ“Š The Jaguars Super Bowl odds are +2500, per DraftKings Sportsbooks, which gives them the 11th-best odds in the NFL.
  • πŸ† Using implied probability, this means the Jaguars have a 3.85% chance to win Super Bowl 58.
  • πŸ”₯ Jacksonville has -145 odds to win the AFC South, which gives the team a 59.18% chance to win the division in back-to-back years for the first time since 1998-1999.

The Jacksonville Jaguars (+2500) have the 11th-best odds in the NFL to win the Super Bowl and the 7th-best odds among AFC teams. After catching their first loss of the season against Kansas City in Week 2, the Jags will look to rebound in their second divisional matchup, hosting the Houston Texans in Week 3.

We will be keeping up with the Jaguars' playoff chances and Super Bowl odds throughout the regular season, keeping you apprised of how likely it is that Jacksonville hoists the Lombardi Trophy.

Jaguars Super Bowl 58 Odds: Week 3

The Jacksonville Jaguars odds to win Super Bowl 58 are +2500, which is a 3.85% implied probability. With a strong offense and solid defense, the Jaguars will look to win their second-straight division title which would put them in a promising position to make a deep playoff run.

Here are some additional futures odds for the Jaguars that relate to their chances of winning their first Super Bowl.

πŸ‘‘ Odds to Win SBLVIII+2500
πŸ† Odds to Win AFC+1400
πŸ”₯ Odds to Win AFC South-145
πŸ’ͺ Odds to Make Playoffs-225
β›” Odds to Miss Playoffs+180
βœ… Data Verified by ExpertSeptember 27, 2023

In combination with the Jaguars' Week 2 loss to Kansas City and the Titans' surprising defeat of the Los Angeles Chargers, Jacksonville saw their Super Bowl odds remain at +2500 while their AFC Championship odds, AFC South odds, and odds to make the playoffs all lengthened. They are still in a favorable position overall, however, but it's worth noting the additional factors that can cause the Jaguars' odds to fluctuate throughout the season.

We will update the Jaguars' Super Bowl odds every week during the preseason and regular season and their odds to win the division and AFC conference. Bookmark this page so you are always up-to-date on their postseason odds.

Jaguars Week-by-Week Super Bowl Odds

I'll be tracking the week-over-week changes to the Jaguars' Super Bowl odds as the season unfolds. This way, we'll be able to see how the Jaguars' performance is impacting their odds to win the Super Bowl.

WeekJaguars SB 58 Odds
Week 1     +3000
Week 2          +2500
Week 3+2500

Although the Jaguars lost to the Kansas City Chiefs this past weekend, their Super Bowl odds stayed steady at +2500. Although the Cleveland Browns' Super Bowl odds lengthened following their ugly loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday Night Football, the Browns are listed with shorter odds than the Jags at +2200. 

Speaking of the Browns, Cleveland will host Tennessee in Week 3. If the Titans were able to defeat Cleveland and Jacksonville takes care of business against Houston, we should expect to see positive Super Bowl odds movement for the Jags both overall and within the AFC.

Jaguars Super Bowl Odds vs. AFC South

Of any AFC South team, the Jaguars have the best Super Bowl odds at +2500. The rest of the AFC South are considered long shots in their Super Bowl quest. The Jacksonville Jaguars, having solidified their standing as a formidable force in the AFC South, are now eyeing a coveted spot in the upcoming Super Bowl. With their strong performance in Week One, the Jaguars are looking to waves in the postseason.

The Titans saw their odds improve to +7500 (1.32% implied probability) to win Super Bowl XLVIII following their Week Two upset win over the Chargers. Both the Colts and Texans stand with astronomical odds of +15000 and +30000, respectively, and are both longshots in the eyes of oddsmakers.

The Jaguars are predicted by analysts and odds makers to repeat as the AFC South champion. Unless something goes seriously wrong, Jacksonville looks like a strong bet to repeat as divisional champs. They are favored to win in all six AFC South matchups by at least 2.5 points. 

Latest Updates Impacting Jaguars Odds to Win SB LVIII

Throughout the season, I will update this section with all your necessary tidbits to ensure you are informed on the Jaguars' chances to win their first-ever Super Bowl.

  • πŸ“† May 22, 2023: WR Calvin Ridley participates in his first sanctioned Jaguars practice. Ridley was suspended for the 2022 season for betting on sports games as a member of the Atlanta Falcons. He was traded to Jacksonville on November 1, 2022.
  • πŸ“† April 27-29, 2023: The Jaguars draft Oklahoma OT Anton Harrison in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft, Penn State TE Brenton Strange in the second round, and Auburn RB Tank Bigsby in the third round, along with 10 others in a draft many experts classified as a C/C- draft.
  • πŸ“† March 8, 2023: The Jaguars release CB Shaquill Griffin.
  • πŸ“† March 6, 2023: Jacksonville places the franchise tag on TE Evan Engram.

Make sure to bookmark this page as we will be updating all of the latest news regarding the Jags' chance to win the Super Bowl and how the odds have been updated.

Jaguars Schedule and Betting Lines

The Jaguars' schedule was released in May 2023, and DraftKings Sportsbook has assigned point spreads and moneylines to the Jags matchups. Below, I've listed each week's opponent along with the Jags' point spread and moneyline odds for each available game.

πŸ“… Week 1 @ Indianapolis Colts (W, 31-21)🏈 Jaguars -3.5, ML -185
πŸ“… Week 2 vs. Kansas City Chiefs (L, 17-9)🏈 Jaguars +3, ML +154
πŸ“… Week 3 vs. Houston Texans🏈 Jaguars -9.5, ML -410
πŸ“… Week 4 vs. ATL (London)🏈 Jaguars -3, ML -148
πŸ“… Week 5 @ BUF (London)🏈 Jaguars +3.5, ML +145
πŸ“… Week 6 vs. Indianapolis Colts🏈 Jaguars -6.5, ML -260
πŸ“… Week 7 @ NO (Thursday Night Football)🏈 Jaguars +1, ML -105
πŸ“… Week 8 @ Pittsburgh Steelers🏈 Jaguars +1, ML -105
πŸ“… Week 9🏈 BYE
πŸ“… Week 10 vs. San Francisco 49ers🏈 Jaguars +1, ML -105
πŸ“… Week 11 vs. Tennessee Titans🏈 Jaguars -5, ML -205
πŸ“… Week 12 @ Houston Texans🏈 Jaguars -4.5, ML -195
πŸ“… Week 13 vs. CIN (Monday Night Football)🏈 Jaguars +1, ML -105
πŸ“… Week 14 @ Cleveland Browns🏈 Jaguars +1, ML -105
πŸ“… Week 15 vs. BAL (Sunday Night Football)🏈 Jaguars -1, ML -115
πŸ“… Week 16 @ TB (Christmas Eve)🏈 Jaguars -3.5, ML -180
πŸ“… Week 17 vs. CAR (New Year's Eve)🏈 Jaguars -5, ML -210
πŸ“… Week 18 @ Tennessee Titans🏈 Jaguars -2.5, ML -135
βœ… Data Verified by ExpertSeptember 27, 2023

The Jaguars get to stay in Jacksonville for the second-straight week, this time hosting divisional foe Houston. Compared to the early opening lines, the spread for the Week 3 matchup has increased by 2.5 points from 7 to 9.5 in favor of the Jags. Although the Texans' rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud has looked solid through the first two weeks, the lack of overall talent on Houston's roster has been too much to overcome. 

Looking at their Week 4 matchup against the Atlanta Falcons, however, a point has been shaved off the spread from -4 to -3. Jacksonville is still favored, but Atlanta has gotten off to a 2-0 start and saw the offense take a step forward last week against Green Bay. Week 4 will be Jacksonville's first of two back-to-back London games, the first time a team will stay across the pond for two consecutive weeks.

Key Contributors Toward Jaguars Super Bowl Odds

One of the primary reasons to believe in the Jaguars' Super Bowl aspirations is the leadership of head coach Doug Pederson. After a tumultuous period under previous coach Urban Meyer, the Jaguars desperately needed stability and direction. Enter Pederson, a former Super Bowl-winning coach who wasted no time turning the team around.

In his first season with the Jaguars, Pederson guided them to a remarkable turnaround, going from worst to first in the AFC South and securing a playoff berth. Although their playoff journey ended in the Divisional Round, Pederson's vision and expectations were clear. 

Lawrence, a young and promising quarterback, is now emerging as a potential top-10 gunslinger. His growth and development under Pederson's guidance bode well for the team's future. Pederson, known for his ability to build a winning culture, has proven himself in multiple coaching roles. With the same coach and system for the second consecutive year, Lawrence's familiarity and comfort with the offense should translate into improved performance in the 2023 season.

Trevor Lawrence is +1500 to win NFL MVP, odds that are tied with Cowboys' quarterback Dak Prescott for the sixth-shortest in the league. Lawrence has one of the best sets of tools to have a breakout year and make a serious run at the MVP. Receivers Christian Kirk, Zay Jones, and Evan Engram exceeded expectations in their first season with the Jaguars, posting career highs in receptions and yards. Their chemistry with quarterback Trevor Lawrence has been evident, providing a strong foundation for the passing game. 

Additionally, running back Travis Etienne had a breakout year, rushing for over 1,000 yards despite missing his entire rookie season due to injury.

The other key contributor to watch here is wide receiver Calvin Ridley. Ridley was widely viewed as one of the league's top receivers before mental health issues and a one-year suspension for gambling kept him away from the field for nearly two years. If Ridley can regain his old form, the offense will be electric.

Defensively, Josh Allen sets up as an important piece to keeping opposing quarterbacks in check. Looking at Week Two, Allen will be lining up against former teammate Jawaan Taylor. If Allen can get to Patrick Mahomes and throw him off his rhythm, it could change the fortune of the Jaguars. Josh Allen could also solidify a hefty new contract as a pending free agent with an impressive showing this Sunday.

Where Can I Bet on the Jacksonville Jaguars to Win the Super Bowl?

You can bet on the Jacksonville Jaguars to win the Super Bowl on any major betting app. Unfortunately for local Jags fans, sports betting in Florida is still illegal.

Making matters worse is the fact that there are no convenient states to travel to as an option, either. Mississippi only has retail betting and the closest online betting state is Tennessee. Florida bettors will have to hope the legal battles get solved sooner rather than later.

Jaguars Super Bowl LVIII Outlook and Predictions

While the Jaguars' Super Bowl odds may not place them as the favorites, they have a legitimate chance to make a deep playoff run and potentially reach the pinnacle of the NFL. The team's recent progress, coupled with the talent and coaching staff, instills hope and excitement among fans and analysts alike. It is essential to remember that the path to the Super Bowl is riddled with challenges, but the Jaguars possess the necessary ingredients to compete at the highest level.

They are a young team playing for a tragically underwhelming franchise. There is still a lot of development to do before the Jaguars can be in serious Super Bowl conversations.

Jaguars Super Bowl History

The Jacksonville Jaguars, based in Jacksonville, Florida, have had a rollercoaster ride in their journey to success. Founded in 1995 as an expansion team, the Jaguars experienced early success, making the playoffs in their first few seasons. However, their recent years have been less fruitful, with only four playoff appearances and two division titles since 2000. Despite their ups and downs, the Jaguars have never played in the Super Bowl, which is considered the pinnacle of achievement in the NFL.

It's worth noting that the Jaguars are not alone in their Super Bowl drought. They are part of an exclusive club of 13 teams that have never won the Super Bowl. Alongside them are three other NFL franchises: the Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, and their division rival Houston Texans . While this may be a disappointing fact for Jaguars fans, it's important to remember that success in the NFL is not easily achieved.

Have the Jaguars Ever Won the Super Bowl?

No, the Jacksonville Jaguars have never won the Super Bowl, in their 28 years of existence, the Jacksonville Jaguars have not yet made it to the Super Bowl. They have won four division titles and made the playoffs eight times, with an 8-8 record in those games. Most recently, in the 2022-23 playoffs, they beat the Los Angeles Chargers 31-30 in a remarkable second-half rally, but then went on to lose to the championship-winning Kansas City Chiefs 27-20. Throughout their history, the Jaguars have been in three AFC Championship games, but were unsuccessful in all of them.

How Many Super Bowls Have the Jacksonville Jaguars Won?

The Jacksonville Jaguars have never achieved victory in the Super Bowl, as they have never been to one. In the 2017-18 AFC championship, they were close to an appearance, yet the referees called a play dead near the end of the game that would have reversed the score and made them the victors. The Patriots went on to take the championship and the Super Bowl LII title against the Rams. Could this be the season the Jaguars make it to the Super Bowl?

Throughout their history, the Jacksonville Jaguars have never won the Super Bowl or even appeared in one. However, they have experienced success in the form of division championships and playoff berths. The team's journey to the Super Bowl has been marked by thrilling moments, close calls, and heartbreaking losses. The Jaguars' recent resurgence provides hope that they can create their own Super Bowl legacy in the near future.

Which Years Did the Jaguars Go to the Super Bowl?

The Jaguars have never made an appearance in any Super Bowl. They came the closest to advancing to the Super Bowl in the 2017-18 postseason, where they lost 24-20 to the eventual Super Bowl champion Patriots. But, Tom Brady led one of his famous fourth-quarter drives and threw the game-winning touchdown to WR Danny Amendola to win the Lamar Hunt Trophy.

How Many Times Have the Jaguars Been to the AFC Championship Game?

The Jacksonville Jaguars have yet to be victorious in any Super Bowls. Three AFC championship games have been played featuring the team, the earliest being in the 1996-97 season in which they faced the New England Patriots and Drew Bledsoe but were beaten 20-6. The 1999-20 season brought another lost to the Tennessee Titans, 33-14. In the 2017-18 season, a third loss against the New England Patriots concluded the score at 24-20.

In the other three seasons, each time Jacksonville advanced to the playoffs, they have been eliminated in either the Wild Card or Divisional Round. Their most remarkable triumph in franchise history was in 2000 against the Miami Dolphins, in Dan Marino's last game, when they won by an impressive margin of 62-7.

Jaguars Preseason Super Bowl Odds Every Year Since 2000

Below are Jacksonville’s preseason odds from every preseason since 2000. They have ranged from +50000 to +1300 over the last couple decades.

πŸ“† 2022-2023Preseason Odds = +15000
πŸ“† 2021-2022Preseason Odds = +12500
πŸ“† 2020-2021Preseason Odds = +50000
πŸ“† 2019-2020Preseason Odds = +2500
πŸ“† 2018-2019Preseason Odds = +1400
πŸ“† 2017-2018Preseason Odds = +10000
πŸ“† 2016-2017Preseason Odds = +5000
πŸ“† 2015-2016Preseason Odds = +30000
πŸ“† 2014-2015Preseason Odds = +20000
πŸ“† 2013-2014Preseason Odds = +20000
πŸ“† 2012-2013Preseason Odds = +20000
πŸ“† 2011-2012Preseason Odds = +6600
πŸ“† 2010-2011Preseason Odds = +8000
πŸ“† 2009-2010Preseason Odds = +4000
πŸ“† 2008-2009Preseason Odds = +1300
πŸ“† 2007-2008Preseason Odds = +3000
πŸ“† 2006-2007Preseason Odds = +3000
πŸ“† 2005-2006Preseason Odds = +4000
πŸ“† 2004-2005Preseason Odds = +3400
πŸ“† 2003-2004Preseason Odds = +6000
πŸ“† 2002-2003Preseason Odds = +6000
πŸ“† 2001-2002Preseason Odds = +3000
πŸ“† 2000-2001Preseason Odds = +1200

Since the year 2000, the odds of Jacksonville's preseason success have fluctuated. They have varied from an extremely unlikely +50000 to a far more probable +1300.

Since 2018-19, the Jaguars have not had better chances to win the Super Bowl than they do now, which is +2500. This is their fourth-best probability to take the championship since 2000. Fans in Jacksonville are hyped up about their team and the possibility that they'll make a great run with Trevor Lawrence at quarterback and Doug Pederson as head coach.

In a three-year span, the odds of the team winning the Super Bowl had grown by an extraordinary -47000, followed by two years of good chances

Three years ago, the Jags had +50000, the lowest odds in the NFL to win the Super Bowl. The odds were appropriate and the Jags would claim the worst record in the NFL over the following two seasonsβ€”earning them two consecutive No. 1 overall draft picks

Jacksonville Jaguars Super Bowl FAQs


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