Florida Among Top 5 States That Loves Chipotle The Most

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May is a popular month for many Americans for various reasons. For some Star Wars fans, May Fourth stands out as a great day signifying ‘May the Fourth (force) be with you.’ Mother's Day is a big holiday that comes right in the middle of the month. The last Monday of May is reserved for Memorial Day, the federal holiday that honors and mourns US military personnel who have died while serving their country. The Kentucky Derby takes place on the first Saturday of the month. Baseball is in full swing, the NFL draft has just happened and basketball and hockey playoffs are ongoing. And of course, early in the month comes May Fifth, or as it is more commonly known, Cinco de Mayo.

Cinco de Mayo is a Spanish holiday that commemorates the anniversary of the Mexican victory in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. It has come to be more of a general celebration of American-Mexican culture and is arguably more popular in the United States than it is in Mexico. Fittingly, May fifth is also National Chipotle Day. Chipotle pepper is a Mexican cuisine staple that adds flavor and spice to meals.

With the chipotle pepper being so important in Mexican food it should come as no surprise that the most popular Mexican fast food chain in America is named Chipotle. We take a break from Florida sports betting to discuss why National Chipotle Day and Cinco de Mayo mark a perfect time to see which States love Chipotle the most.

Which U.S. States Love Chipotle The Most?

To determine who are the biggest Chipotle fans, FloridaBets used consumer data from ScrapeHero to determine how many Chipotle restaurants were in a state per one million people, as well as the percent share of restaurants in the United States. We also used search data from Google Trends for “Chipotle near me” in the past 90 days to determine relative interest in the chain (score of 100 being the most, 0 the least). Each category was then weighted and each state ranked accordingly.

Rank State Google Trends Search Volume Chipotles Per 1M People % Share of Chipotles in U.S.
10New York3610.36%

Floridians Love Their Chipotle

Florida checked in at fourth in the overall rankings, making them one of the most Chipotle-loving states in the nation, trailing only Ohio, Maryland, and Arizona. Seven percent of all Chipotle locations reside in Florida, a strong number. This means that there are 10.3 Chipotle locations for every million people in Florida, compared to 19.7 in Ohio which led the way in that category. Finally, a strong showing in the google trends category led Florida to rank fourth overall ahead of Cinco de Mayo and National Chipotle Day.

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