Where Florida Ranks Among States With The Best Screenwriters

Fact Checked by Nate Hamilton

While millions of Americans will watch movies on the big screen on their TV in the new year, many are likely unaware of the men and women behind the scenes that make such flicks possible.  

That cadre of underappreciated screenwriters is the backbone of the film industry, ensuring films have well-crafted scripts that flow and enable well-paid actors to come off without a hitch on the screen.  

As we approach National Screenwriters Day, FloridaBet.com decided to honor the holiday by briefly stepping away from Florida sports betting updates and looking at which states across the United States have produced some of the best screenwriters in the history of filmmaking.  

We utilized The-Numbers.com to collect the top 100 grossing screenwriters at the Worldwide Box Office who are from the United States. We then utilized the IMDB’s database to find the birthplace of all 100 screenwriters to develop the states that have produced the best screenwriters.  

States With The Best Screenwriters

Overall RankState# of Screenwriters
1New York29
3New Jersey7

Screenwriters Shine in Sunshine State

Florida has produced nearly as many top-grossing screenwriters as any other state in America over the years, ranking third nationally behind film superstars like New York and California. Overall, five of the top 100 grossing screenwriters of all time come from the Sunshine State, ranking behind New York (29), California (22), and New Jersey (seven) nationally.  

Florida’s total ranked ahead of other big screen stalwarts like Illinois (four), Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Michigan — all of whom had three apiece on the top 100 list. Among the fray from Florida include Oscar-winning screenwriters like Barry Jenkins (“Moonlight”) and Alan Ball (“American Beauty”), in addition to a litany of other award winners.  

All in all, the Sunshine State sure shines on the nation’s stage when it comes to producing top-notch screenwriters, allowing the country’s film and TV industry to thrive, year after year.  

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