Bundles of Stress: Florida Has the Most Stressed-Out Locals

Fact Checked by Nate Hamilton

As the summer approaches and the dew points surge northward across the Sunshine State, it’s high season for Florida residents to get outside and savor the temperate climates from the Atlantic to the Gulf.  Unfortunately, it's not time for online Florida sports betting as we patiently wait for its legalization. 

While the state’s sun-splashed climate and year-round warmth might be draws for out-of-state visitors, it seems like that hasn’t helped Florida residents very much, as the state ranks among the most stressed in the country, just behind fellow sun-clad states like California and Texas.  

April is National Stress Awareness Month. With that in mind, FloridaBet.com used Google Trends to see which states were most actively seeking “stress reducing,” to create a list of the top 10 states most stressed out while also ranking the top 5 most calm, cool, and collected states. Based on this research, Mississippi has the most stressed-out residents, while Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and South Dakota all have the most relaxed locals.  

Most Stressed States

Note: The search was between February 25 – March 25, 2024; Most chill states were at the bottom of the search interest score list or had a 0-search interest score. 

Rank State Search Interest Score
1 Mississippi 100
2 Virginia 38
3 New Jersey 26
T-4 Delaware 16
T-4 Texas 16
6 California 13
7 Florida 12
8 North Dakota 11
9 Alaska 10
10 Wisconsin 8

Where Florida Ranks Nationally

Nationally, Florida residents had the seventh highest search interest score when it came to topics surrounding stress reduction, coming in at 12 and ranking just behind California (13 search interest score) and ahead of North Dakota (11 search interest score).  

The leaders in the U.S. when it came to the most stressed out state were Mississippi (100 search interest score) and Virginia (38 search interest score), while Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Idaho were the least stressed out, with scores of zero apiece.  

Overall, Florida ranked behind states like New Jersey (26 search interest score), Delaware and Texas (16 search interest score each), and California, while North Dakota, Alaska (10 search interest score) and Wisconsin (8 search interest score) rounded out the list on the stressed-out side of the aisle.  

On the flip side, Massachusetts was the fifth-ranked state when it came to being the least stressed out, with a search interest score of three, illustrating once and for all that it takes a lot more than sunshine and warmth to have peace of mind in America.

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Christopher Boan writes for FloridaBet.com and has been covering sports and sports betting for more than seven years, with experience at ArizonaSports.com, the Tucson Weekly and the Green Valley News.

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