Florida Among States Most Interested in Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Fact Checked by Nate Hamilton

When it comes to the constants of the state of Florida, it seems like the state’s shared desire to land that perfect romantic gift is right up there with the abundant sunshine and palm trees that the southern state is synonymous with.  

That’s because the Sunshine State is among the national leaders when it comes to Valentine’s Day search interest, with the region posting the 10th-highest score of any state in America.  

It seems that one thing is constant for Floridians, regardless of geography, is that several states take Valentine’s Day more seriously than others, with the Sunshine State ranking among the national leaders in search interest surrounding the mid-February calendar staple.   

FloridaBet.com loves looking to the future of Florida sports betting. With love in mind, we dug into Google Trends to discover and rank the top 10 states most interested in ideas for Valentine’s Day this year. The Sunshine State landed in the top 10 for states most frequently searching for “Valentine’s Day Ideas.” Search period between December 25, 2023 - January 25, 2024. 

What States are Most Interested in Ideas for Valentine’s Day?

Rank State Search Interest
1. Illinois 100
2. Massachusetts 83
3. Ohio 68
T4. California 33
T4. Texas 33
T4. New York 33
7. New Jersey 27
8. Pennsylvania 25
9. North Carolina 24
10. Florida 22

*Search period between December 25, 2023 - January 25, 2024. 

Florida Among National Leaders In Valentine’s Day Interest

While Virginia may be for lovers, there’s no denying that Florida takes Cupid’s arrow seriously, with the state posting the 10th highest search interest score (22) of any state when it came to Valentine’s Day topics.  

Nationally, Illinois residents had a search interest score (compared to other topics) of 100 for Valentine’s Day topics, smashing past No. 2 Massachusetts (83 search interest score), as well as Ohio (68), California and Texas (33 each).  

Rounding out the national top 10 when it came to Valentine’s Day search interest were New Jersey, with a search interest score of 27, followed by Pennsylvania (25) and North Carolina (24).   

When it comes to the draw of Cupid’s arrow, it seems that few states can match the passion of the Sunshine State, with Florida ranking among the top U.S. states in the country when it came to Valentine’s Day search interest in 2024.  Florida will also find itself among states most interested in Florida sportsbook promos the minute they become available. 


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