Florida Sports Betting: A Look Ahead to Super Bowl LVII Futures

Florida Sports Betting: A Look Ahead to Super Bowl LVII Futures

Now that Super Bowl LVI is in the books, it’s time to start thinking about Super Bowl LVII a year from now in Glendale, Arizona. And how to make some money — assuming Florida gets it sports betting act together.

If you’re a pro football fan rooting for Florida teams, you may be in for a long season. There are seven teams with shorter odds than the Buccaneers. The Dolphins and Jaguars are way down the list.

It’s doubtful Florida sports betting will be legal by then as it has been struck down by a federal court and is now going through the appeal process.

Appeals, a new compact and legislation are possibilities for what’s next in Florida .

The futures to take home the Lombardi Trophy after next year’s big game, depending on the sportsbook, look something like this:

The favorites to win Super Bowl 57 are the Kansas City Chiefs at +700, followed closely by the Buffalo Bills at +750. That seems like too small a payout on the Bills, since they’re going to lose to the Chiefs.

This year’s winners, the Rams, are at +1000, similar to the odds that Coach Sean McVay will blink his eyes before next season. The 49ers are next at +1400, the same odds as the Bengals, which is interesting since the Bengals have a quarterback.

Green Bay follows at +1500 and tens of thousands of Texans are sure to head to Louisiana to lose money on the Cowboys at +1600.

Tampa Bay has Best Odds of Florida Teams

The first Florida team on the list is the Buccaneers Super Bowl odds at +1800, so oddsmakers think there’s enough talent on the Bucs to recover from the loss of the GOAT — Tom Brady. At +2000 are Tennessee and Baltimore with Denver at +2200.

New England is at +2500 with Arizona, so the bloom appears to be off the Kyler Murray/Kliff Kingsbury rose. In the +2500 group are also the L.A. Chargers and Indianapolis Colts. Minnesota and New Orleans, who will each have new coaches, are at +3000 and +3500 respectively.

Philadelphia snowbirds in Fort Lauderdale will not be happy to see the Eagles so low down, at +4000, but fans in Miami may be pleased that the Dolphins Super Bowl odds are as the Eagles.

Dolphins: New Coach, New Hopes

Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel hopes to make it so, and also hopes to not get carded at South Beach night spots. (Man looks young.) Also at +4000 are the Seattle Seahawks and Cleveland Browns. The plus for Cleveland is they’re ahead of the Big Ben-less Steelers. The minus starts with Joe Burrow and ends with Ja’Marr Chase.

The Las Vegas Raiders get little love at +5000 and at +6000 are the Atlanta Falcons, Washington Commanders and Pittsburgh. The Carolina Panthers are +7000.

The Chicago Bears at +8000 look as if they will again struggle and the only positive thing New York Giants fans wintering in Boca can say is that their +10000 is better than the Jets.

Jags Close to the Bottom Again

Jacksonville and new coach Doug Pederson will hope to right the Trevor Lawrence ship left sinking by Urban Meyer, with the Jaguars Super Bowl odds sitting at +12500. The Detroit Lions will have another season of Motown misery at +15000.

And the two teams the oddsmakers have declared least likely to win the Super Bowl are the Houston Texans and New York Jets, at +20000. Should Florida get sports betting legalized in time, there will surely be thousands of Jets fans sunning in south Florida who will salivate at those 200-1 odds.

And that’s why sportsbooks make money.



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