Where Do Florida’s NFL Teams Rank As Destinations for Away Games?

Where Do Florida’s NFL Teams Rank As Destinations for Away Games?
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With millions of fans willing to travel across the country to see their favorite team, the NFL is a superpower in the world of sport. There are three teams in the state of Florida that opposing fans can visit – the Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

So, where do those teams rank as destinations among the best NFL away games for visiting fans?

Comparing an array of factors including the distance between each stadium and the nearest airport, the number of bars and hotels, and the cost of visiting each location, we’ve been able to assign each NFL team an overall index score and rank the Jaguars, Dolphins and Buccaneers.

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Miami Dolphins: 49.7/100

Despite an overall index score of just 49.7, the Miami Dolphins boast the best NFL away fan experience in Florida. This is largely because of the relative affordability of visiting Hard Rock Stadium, with a family of supporters expected to fork out just $487 for the gameday essentials.

However, the Dolphins are undone by the meager number of bars (2) and hotels (1) within one mile of Hard Rock Stadium, as well as the nearest airport being an inconvenient 14 miles away.

Jacksonville Jaguars: 42/100

The Jacksonville Jaguars offer the second-best NFL away fan experience in the Sunshine State, with an index score of 42, helped along by having more bars within one mile of the stadium (4) than their Florida counterparts.

Meanwhile, the typical cost of visiting TIAA Bank Field ($463.48) also reflects favorably on the Jags, with only the Arizona Cardinals ($462.52) and Cincinnati Bengals ($437.30) asking for less from away supporters.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 37.6/100

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers provide the worst NFL away fan experience in Florida according to our rankings, with an index score of 37.6. This places the Bucs ahead of just eight other teams, including the New York Jets (36), Green Bay Packers (35.6) and Philadelphia Eagles (34.7).

The low standing is largely down to the relatively high cost of being a visiting fan, coming in at more than $575 for the gameday essentials. This is roughly $100 more than the Dolphins ($487.02) and Jaguars ($463.48).

Fortunately, the Bucs have more hotels within one mile of their arena (12) than either the Dolphins (1) or Jaguars (0), as well as having an airport just 1.8 miles away – the shortest distance of any NFL team.

Where Are the Best and Worst NFL Destinations for Away Games?

We’ve analyzed where Florida’s NFL franchises rank among the best and worst away games for visiting supporters, but which other teams sit at either end of the table?

The Best Away Games for Visiting NFL Fans

RankTeamIndex Score (out of 100)
🏈1New Orleans Saints73.4
🏈2Cincinnati Bengals60.0
🏈3Tennesse Titans58.1
🏈4Detroit Lions57.9
🏈5Indianapolis Colts57.0


The Worst Away Games for Visiting NFL Fans

RankTeamIndex Score (out of 100)
🏈1Washington Commanders18.6
🏈2New York Giants26.3
🏈3Las Vegas Raiders27.8
🏈4Los Angeles Rams31.2
🏈5San Francisco 49ers33.4



To determine where Florida’s NFL teams rank when considering the best away supporter experience, we considered six different factors:

  • The Google review score out of 5 for each team’s stadium
  • The number of bars and breweries within 1 mile of each team’s stadium
  • The number of hotels within 1 mile of each team’s stadium
  • The mileage to the closest airport from each team’s stadium
  • The cost of being an away fan at each stadium (the combined price of four average-cost tickets, two small draft beers, four small soft drinks, four regular-size hot dogs, gameday parking, two game programs, two adjustable caps).
  • The average home stadium attendance during 2022

Each team was ranked for each factor and assigned a weighted index score. Index scores were then combined to give a total out of 100 and teams were ranked.

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