What Will Be The Most Popular Florida Beaches This Summer?

Fact Checked by Nate Hamilton

With summer fully upon us, millions of Americans will make their way to the many beaches of the country’s two coasts to seek reprieve from the searing heat.  

That said, FloridaBet.com went to some beaches to get Florida sportsbook updates off our minds for some much needed R & R.

In Florida, there are countless destinations that locals and visitors alike can seek out, from the white sands of the Gulf to the beauty of the Atlantic coast, with thousands of miles of shoreline to choose from.  

Most Search Interest of Florida Beaches

FloridaBet.com used U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Florida Beaches” list as a starting point to see which beaches to use in our research. We then utilized Google Trends to gather the search interest of each beach listed in their report over the past 90 days (March to May) to finalize the Top 10 beaches that people are looking to visit in Florida. 

Here are the Florida beaches that have generated the most search interest over the past few months:

Weighted RankBeachCountySearch Interest (vs. other topics) over past 90 days
1Boca RatonPalm Beach78
3Panama City BeachBay70
4St. AugustineSt. Johns67
5 Clearwater Beach Pinellas54
6Delray BeachPalm Beach53
7 Palm Beach Palm Beach48
8Key LargoMonroe40
9 Amelia Island Nassau39
10Fort Walton BeachOkaloosa31

Which Florida Beaches Stand Tall Online?

Some of the Sunshine State’s most venerable beach destinations are among the locations generating the most search interest, including South Florida’s Boca Raton and Destin.  

Other heavy search interest locations cover the gamut of the state, from Panama City Beach in the Panhandle to St. Augustine in the far northeast corner of Florida.  

The rest of the Florida beaches' top 10 includes longstanding vacation spots like Clearwater and Delray beaches, as well as Palm Beach, Key Largo and Amelia Island.  

Rounding out the top 10 is far western Panhandle vacation hotspot, Fort Walton Beach, finishing off what is a tour de force of beach destinations jampacked into one state.  

As far as search volume numbers are concerned, Boca Raton led the way over the last three months, at 78, followed by Destin (71), Panama City Beach (70), St. Augustine (67) and Clearwater Beach (54).  

The rest of the list generated search volumes that ranged from 53 (Delray Beach) to 31 (Fort Walton Beach), with Palm Beach (48), Key Largo (40) and Amelia Island (39) coming in between those two sandy outposts.  


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