Are The Jaguars A Bottom Team In December?

Are The Jaguars A Bottom Team In December?
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The Jacksonville Jaguars enter the homestretch of the season in a playoff position, holding a lead in the tightly packed AFC South Division. The Jags started the season as the division favorites - and have proven that to be correct - but unexpectedly strong fights from the Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts have made the division race tighter than most anticipated. To lock down their grip on the Jaguars playoff chances, they will need to have a strong December, something that has evaded them in recent seasons.

With such an important month upcoming, FloridaBet decided to look at every NFL team in December since 2013, doing so by utilizing to compile every team’s December record and then ranking all 32 teams by winning percentage.

NFL Team Records in the Month of December

Below would be some great insight to utilize if Florida betting apps were legal. Either way, here is a list of all 32 NFL teams and how well they have performed in the month of December since 2013.

Rank Team Record Win%
1 Green Bay Packers 32-9 .780
2 Kansas City Chiefs 34-10 .773
3 Dallas Cowboys 28-14 .667
4 Pittsburgh Steelers 29-15 .659
5 Baltimore Ravens 27-17 .614
6 Philadelphia Eagles 25-17 .595
7 Seattle Seahawks 26-18 .591
8 New England Patriots 25-18 .581
9 San Francisco 49ers 25-19 .568
10 New Orleans Saints 23-18 .561
11 Buffalo Bills 23-20 .535
12 Indianapolis Colts 22-20 .524
T-13 Los Angeles Rams 23-21 .523
T-13 Cincinnati Bengals 23-21 .523
T-13 Los Angeles Chargers 23-21 .523
16 Minnesota Vikings 23-22 .511
17 Miami Dolphins 22-22 .500
18 Carolina Panthers 20-21 .487
19 Atlanta Falcons 20-22 .476
20 Denver Broncos 21-24 .467
21 Arizona Cardinals 20-23 .465
22 Detroit Lions 18-24 .429
23 Tennessee Titans 18-25 .419
24 New York Jets 18-27 .400
25 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17-26 .395
26 Chicago Bears 16-26 .381
27 New York Giants 16-27-1 .375
T-28 Las Vegas Raiders 16-27 .372
T-28 Houston Texans 16-27 .372
30 Jacksonville Jaguars 15-29 .341
31 Washington Commanders 13-28-1 .321
32 Cleveland Browns 11-31 .262

Will the 2023 Jaguars Continue Downward in December?

If the Jaguars hope to hold on to their spot atop the AFC South, they will need to have a much better December performance.  The results do not look pretty for Jaguars fans and bettors as Jacksonville ranks third last in the entire league with a 15-29 December record. With such a poor record at such a crucial time of the year, it comes as no surprise that the Jaguars have only qualified for the postseason twice since 2008.

Despite such a poor December history,  this iteration of the Jaguars is looking to prove themselves as a different group and they have been doing a great job of it led by QB Trevor Lawrence. The team has a chance to become the first Jaguars squad since the turn of the century to qualify for the playoffs in back-to-back seasons. With last year's experience helping them they are heavy favorites to do so. Although the Jaguars Super Bowl odds are  not be the strongest, they will have a fair shot if they can make it to the postseason. 

A five-game winning streak that stretched into October helped the team wash off the stench of a poor start, only to come crashing to a halt with a blowout loss to the San Francisco 49ers. With the level of competition about to increase to start in December, finding a way to compete against stronger teams is imperative for Jacksonville. The Jags face three tough AFC North opponents in the month with games against the Browns, Ravens and Bengals making up the first three of their five December games. The schedule lightens up at the end of the month with the league-worst Panthers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the docket, a perfect chance for the Jaguars to bring the month to an end on a high note before their season finale against another sub-.500 team in the Tennessee Titans.

It is a relatively new feeling for the Jaguars and their fans to head into December as division favorites and despite the charge coming behind them from the surging Houston Texans the team has to feel good about where they sit in the standings. December is a perfect opportunity for them to not only lock down their spot in the playoffs but to put some distance between themselves and the troubled December history of past Jaguars teams.



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