Best Month For Rays: Tampa Bay’s Success Month-By-Month Over Season

Best Month For Rays: Tampa Bay’s Success Month-By-Month Over Season
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The Tampa Bay Rays thrilled fans once again a year ago, with the club’s third season with a win percentage above .600 in four years and another playoff run in 2023, thanks in large part to the team’s stellar play across the six months of the MLB regular season.  

Since 2021, Tampa Bay has finished .500 or better each month, with the high point during that 486-game stretch being the month of August, where the Rays have gone 56-23 (.709) and the lowest of lows being July, where they’ve posted a .507 win percentage, going 38-37 in the midsummer month.  

With baseball season right around the corner, using, took a break from Florida sports betting updates to pull the Tampa Bay Rays records from the past three years to see which month the team plays best in. 

Based on the data, the team plays best in August with a 56-23 record and a 709. win-loss percentage.  

Tampa Bay Rays Best Months

Below is some information that could be helpful for those betting on Florida betting apps in the future. Here are the Rays' best months.

Rank Month Record W-L %
1 August56-23.709
2 May55-30.647
3 April47-29.618
6 July38-37.507

Rays Have Thrived Across The Board Since 2021

The Rays’ on-field success since 2021 (going 285-211 in three seasons) is a net result of their yearlong consistency, with no sub-.500. months to their name during that three-year stretch and their two most successful months (August and May) being spread across the MLB calendar.  

Tampa Bay’s top months were August (.709 win percentage), followed by May (.647 win percentage) and April (.618 win percentage), while September (.537 win percentage) and June (.519 win percentage) beat out July’s .507 figure for spots four and five.  

This year, the Rays will need to find a player to replace the production that shortstop Wander Franco put forth in 2022, with the infielder amassing a team-best 5.5 WAR in 112 games before being placed on administrative leave in response to an MLB investigation he's involved in. 

Luckily for Rays fans, the team still has Yandy Diaz and his 5.2 WAR on the payroll, while Isaac Paredes (4.2 WAR), Josh Lowe (3.7 WAR) and Randy Arozarena (3.5 WAR) all return to Tampa in 2024.  

If the Rays are able to succeed on the diamond from April through September the way that they did between 2021 and 2023, there’s no reason to believe that the club’s best days are behind them, as Tampa Bay looks to bring a World Series title to the Gulf Coast in Year 27 of Tampa Bay Rays baseball.   



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