Both Buccaneers & Dolphins Can Begin The Season 3-0: What It Could Mean

Both Buccaneers & Dolphins Can Begin The Season 3-0: What It Could Mean
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It’s been an opening month to remember for two of Florida’s NFL franchises, giving football fans hope that it could be a fall to remember in the Sunshine State. Between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Miami Dolphins, the state of Florida has two of the NFL’s eight 2-0 teams. Following the Bucs’ and Dolphins’ 2-0 start, briefly stepped away from Florida sports betting updates and compiled data from ChampsorChumps to see how every team to start 3-0 over the previous five seasons has ultimately fared.  

How NFL Teams Starting 3-0 Finish

Below is some information that Florida sportsbook apps likely won't have in the future. Here’s where recent 3-0 squads have gone on the field in recent years.  

Year Team Final Record/Result
2022 Philadelphia Eagles 14-3, Lost in Super Bowl
2022 Miami Dolphins 9-8, Lost in AFC Wild Card Round
2021 Arizona Cardinals 11-6; Lost in NFC Wild Card Round
2021 Denver Broncos 7-10; Missed Playoffs
2021 Carolina Panthers 5-12; Missed Playoffs
2021 LA Rams 12-5; Won Super Bowl
2021 Las Vegas Raiders 10-7; Lost in AFC Wild Card Round
2020 Green Bay Packers 13-3; Lost in NFC Championship Game
2020 Kansas City Chiefs 14-2; Lost in Super Bowl
2020 Seattle Seahawks 12-4; Lost in NFC Wild Card Round
2020 Pittsburgh Steelers 12-4; Lost in AFC Wild Card Round
2020 Chicago Bears 8-8; Lost in NFC Wild Card Round
2020 Buffalo Bills 13-3; Lost in AFC Championship Game
2020 Tennessee Titans 11-5; Lost in AFC Wild Card Game
2019 New England Patriots 12-4; Lost in AFC Wild Card Game
2019 Dallas Cowboys 8-8; Missed Playoffs
2019 San Francisco 49ers 13-3; Lost in Super Bowl
2019 Kansas City Chiefs 12-4; Won Super Bowl
2019 LA Rams 9-7; Missed Playoffs
2019 Green Bay Packers 13-3; Lost in NFC Championship Game
2019 Buffalo Bills 10-6; Lost in AFC Wild Card Game
2018 LA Rams 13-3; Lost in Super Bowl
2018 Kansas City Chiefs 12-4; Lost in AFC Championship Game
2018 Miami Dolphins 7-9; Missed Playoffs

A 3-0 start for either Florida team will certainly help their postseason odds. What are the Buccaneers playoff chances right now? Follow our playoff chances and Super Bowl odds pages for all Florida NFL teams to stay on top of the latest numbers.

3-0 Starts Usually Lead to Good Things In NFL

It seems like fans of the Bucs’ and Fins should go ahead and plan on making the postseason if they win this weekend, based on how recent 3-0 teams have fared at season’s end. Of the last 24 NFL teams to begin the season with three straight wins, 20 wound up making the playoffs, meaning a whopping 83.3% of those squads made the postseason. In the last five seasons, 41.7% of NFL teams that began the year 3-0 made it to their given conference’s championship round or further, while six of the last 10 Super Bowl teams started the season with a 3-0 record.  

The last time the Dolphins started the year 3-0 was in 2018, when they were one of the few teams to win three straight to not qualify for the postseason — finishing the season with a 7-9 record. What are the Dolphins playoff chances this season? Feel free to bookmark this page and track their odds all year.

For Tampa Bay, the Bucs’ have not started the year with three straight wins in 2005, when they beat the Minnesota Vikings, Buffalo Bills and Green Bay Packers in succession to open the season. Looking forward to Week 3, the Bucs’ face long odds of hitting 3-0 against the Philadelphia Eagles at home. Even though there isn't a BetMGM Sportsbook in Florida, nationally, they are giving Tampa Bay +225 odds of beating the defending NFC champs. Over in Miami, the Dolphins have much better odds of doing so, with BetMGM Sportsbook giving the home side -225 odds of beating the Denver Broncos at Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday afternoon.  




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