NFL Draft: How Much Value Have Buccaneers Gotten From 1st Round Picks Over Last 10 Years?

NFL Draft: How Much Value Have Buccaneers Gotten From 1st Round Picks Over Last 10 Years?
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Few NFL teams have achieved the level of consistency on the gridiron that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have over the last decade, with four playoff berths in a row from 2020 to 2023 and the franchise’s second Super Bowl title between 2014 and 2023.  

Unsurprisingly, much of that success has been grounded in Tampa Bay’s ability to locate talent in the NFL Draft, with the Bucs’ being one of the best clubs in the NFL when it comes to wracking up approximate value totals from their first-round picks since 2014.  

Overall, Tampa’s AV total (312 AV across 9 picks) ranks 10th in the NFL, while their AV per pick average of 34.7 is fifth overall in the 32-team league, illustrating how much talent GM Jason Licht and head coach Todd Bowles have found in the draft of late. took a small break from Florida sports betting news and updates and utilized their approximate value statistic from to combine the total approximate value of the career of each NFL team’s 1st round NFL draft picks from 2014 to 2023 NFL Draft. The teams were then ranked on the average approximate value per pick to see what team has utilized their picks the best.  

NFL Teams AV Total Since 2014:

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RankTeamTotal Approximate Value# of 1st Round Draft PicksAverage Approximate Value Per Pick
1Los Angeles Rams285471.3
2Dallas Cowboys372941.3
3Chicago Bears253736.1
4Buffalo Bills322935.8
5Tampa Bay Buccaneers312934.7
6Kansas City Chiefs235733.6
7Baltimore Ravens4281332.9
8Indianapolis Colts174629.0
T-9Carolina Panthers2891028.9
T-9Miami Dolphins3181128.9
11Pittsburgh Steelers258928.7
12San Francisco 49ers3141128.5
13New York Giants3401228.3
14Cleveland Browns3371228.1
15New Orleans Saints3361228.0
16Atlanta Falcons3051127.7
17Tennessee Titans2981127.1
18Las Vegas Raiders3151226.3
19Los Angeles Chargers2871126.1
20Denver Broncos203825.4
21Arizona Cardinals226925.1
22Detroit Lions3001225.0
23Washington Commanders2461024.6
24Jacksonville Jaguars2901224.2
25Minnesota Vikings2411024.1
26Houston Texans183822.9
27New York Jets2861322.0
T-28Cincinnati Bengals1911019.1
T-28Green Bay Packers1911019.1
30Philadelphia Eagles1881018.8
31New England Patriots136817.0
32Seattle Seahawks110715.7

Where Tampa Bay Ranks In NFL When It Comes To Drafting Talent

Since 2014, the Bucs’ average first-round AV total of 34.7 ranks fifth overall, between the No. 4 Buffalo Bills (35.8 AV) and the No. 6 Kansas City Chiefs (33.6 AV) and just behind league leaders like the Los Angeles Rams (71.3 AV), Dallas Cowboys (41.3 AV) and the Chicago Bears (36.1 AV).  

Leaguewide, when it came to raw AV totals, the Baltimore Ravens (428 AV across 13 picks), Dallas Cowboys (372 AV across nine picks) and the New York Giants (340 AV across 12 picks) were the leaders in the NFL between 2014 and 2023.  

Conversely, the worst teams in the league when it came to AV average were the Seattle Seahawks (15.7 AV per pick), New England Patriots (17.0 AV per pick) and the Philadelphia Eagles (18.8 AV per pick), while the Seahawks had the lowest AV total in general, at 110 AV across seven picks over 10 years.  

Come April, Bucs’ fans will hope that Licht and Bowles will have the same kind of success when Tampa Bay picks at No. 26 in the NFL Draft’s first round in Downtown Detroit, as the club looks to build on their past success in the April spectacle to build onto their NFC South championship roster for 2024 and beyond. 

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