Where Does Florida Rank Among States With The Most Masters Tournament Wins?

Where Does Florida Rank Among States With The Most Masters Tournament Wins?
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The springtime rite of passage that is the Masters Tournament to Florida’s north returns to the hallowed grounds of Augusta National next month, with the world’s best golfers taking on the 7,555-yard juggernaut of a golf course.  

The 88th iteration of the springtime staple takes place from April 11-14, with defending champion Jon Rahm returning to headline a star-studded field that also includes past champions like Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson, Adam Scott, Hideki Matsuyama, Bubba Watson, Jordan Spieth and Scottie Scheffler (to name a few).  

Of the golfers that are playing in the invite-only tournament, a handful will hail from the Sunshine State, joining Florida’s previous Masters winner (Watson) in returning to Augusta this spring.  

The road to the Masters Tournament is almost complete. In anticipation, FloridaBet.com took a quick break from Florida sports betting updates and ranked the top 10 states with the most Masters Tournament champions based on total wins. For any ties, we factored in the total average to par to come up with the higher-ranking state. 

States with The Most Masters Tournament Wins

Rank State Total Wins Avg. To Par
1 Texas14-9.3
2 California11-11.2
3 Ohio7-7.2
4 Pennsylvania5-6.8
5 Missouri5-6.6
6 Georgia 3 -5.7
7 Virginia3-2.3
8 North Carolina2-13
9 Florida 2-9
10 New York2-7

Note: Other states with wins are Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, and Washington.  

Where Florida Ranks Nationally In Terms Of Masters Winners

In total, Florida’s two Masters wins from Bubba Watson of Bagdad in 2012 and 2014 give the Sunshine State the eighth most of any state, ranking in a tie with North Carolina and New York and behind states like Georgia and Virginia, which have three victories each.   

Still, the Sunshine State ranks behind fellow golf-crazed states like Texas (14 wins), California (11 wins), Ohio (seven wins), Pennsylvania and Missouri (five wins each) and Georgia and Virginia (three wins each) when it comes to Masters victories over the years.  

In total, Florida’s -9 average to par score in the state’s two Masters wins ranks third out of the 10, behind California’s -11.2 and Texas’ -9.3, while ranking ahead of Ohio (-7.2), New York (-7), Pennsylvania (-6.8) and Missouri (-6.6).  

Rounding out the field when it comes to states’ average score to par was Georgia, at -5.7, while Virginia had the highest score of the 10 states, with an average figure of -2.3 from Sam Snead’s three victories at Augusta National.  

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