Where Florida’s NFL Teams Rank Among Most Undervalued Offensive Line Units

Where Florida’s NFL Teams Rank Among Most Undervalued Offensive Line Units
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It’s the time of the season where NFL teams amass amidst the practice fields of America, readying themselves for the 17-week crucible that is the league’s regular season.  

For Florida’s three NFL teams, that legwork starts and ends in the trenches, with the offensive and defensive linemen playing a huge role in deciding the way a season unfolds.  

Whether the Jacksonville can repeat as AFC South champs this fall and help the Jaguars playoff chances will likely be decided by those trench warfare specialists, while the Miami Dolphins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers look to return to their glory years of old by dominating on both sides of the ball.  

To get a sense of where each ranks among the NFL’s best offensive line units, FloridaBet.com put our Florida sports betting state of mind to good use and utilized ProFootballReference.com to gather the total amount of sacks allowed by the team. The team with the least sacks allowed was awarded 32 points down to 1 point for the team with the most sacks allowed. 

We then gathered the approximate value of each offensive line unit (only 10 offensive line members with the most games played) via ProFootballReference.com. Once again, we awarded 32 points to the team with the most approximate value to 1 point for the least approximate value.  

Once getting the total points for each team, we divided Spotrac.com’s cap hit from the 2022-23 season for the total 10 offensive line members over the total points for the two above categories. 

We were then given the amount of salary paid per point given to arrive at our NFL offensive line units ranked 1st to 32nd based on value.  

NFL’s Most Undervalued Offensive Lines

RankTeamPoint TotalO-Line Cap Hit$$ Per Point Total
1 Kansas City Chiefs 61$24,796,356$406,498
2 Miami Dolphins 48$223,437,995$488,292
3 Los Angeles Raiders 32$16,183,673$505,740
4 Buffalo Bills 55$27,854,141$506,275
5 San Francisco 49ers 55$29,234,593$531,538
6 Pittsburgh Steelers 35$19,040,549$544,016
7 Green Bay Packers 52$28,449,536$547,106
8 Jacksonville Jaguars 48$26,654,684$555,306
9 Detroit Lions 61$34,917,771$572,422
10 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 44$31,529,483$710,443

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Florida’s 3 NFL Teams Among NFL’s Most Undervalued OL Units

A theme emerges when you read through the offensive tea leaves in the NFL, which is that Florida’s three NFL franchises all have surprisingly strong offensive line units.  

Between the Dolphins, who ranked second on our list in terms of total points (48, behind the Chiefs’ 61), the Jaguars (8th, with 48 points) and the Bucs’ (10th, with 44 points) — the Sunshine State is well represented when it comes to offensive linemen productivity.  

The Dolphins produced the second lowest dollar per point total figure in the league last fall, at $488,292 (behind the Chiefs’ $406,498 figure), while the Jags’ ranked 8th ($555,306) and the Bucs’ ranked 10th ($710,443).  

It’s also worth noting that Miami has the third-lowest salary cap hit along their offensive line unit ($23,437,995), ranking behind the Raiders ($16,183,673) and Steelers ($19,040,549).  

With that kind of return on investment, it’s no wonder that oddsmakers at BetMGM Sportsbook give Miami -105 odds of making the playoffs this season, while the Jags’ are listed at -190 to make the postseason for a second straight season and the Buccaneers playoff chances are listed at +350.  



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