Jacksonville Jaguars Playoff Chances: Latest Jaguars Super Bowl Odds

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Jaguars Playoff Chances

Key Takeaways:

  • The Jaguars playoff chances are not available yet but should be soon.
  • The Jaguars Super Bowl 58 odds opened at +2500, which places Jacksonville in the top-10 odds.
  • Jacksonville is expected to target defensive positions early and often in this year's NFL Draft. The Jaguars were ranked in the bottom-five pass defenses in 2022.

Has the future arrived in Jacksonville? With the emergence of Trevor Lawrence and head coach Doug Pederson in 2022, are the Jacksonville Jaguars the team to beat in the AFC South again and could they be primed to make their first ever Super Bowl appearance? In this article, we take a look into the Jaguars playoff chances and outline the Jags Super Bowl Odds.

Jacksonville Jaguars Playoff Chances March 2023

The Jaguars playoff chances are currently not listed on any of the major betting websites. As soon as the numbers come in, we will keep them up-to-date and give you all of the latest breaking news and odds shifts as they happen. 

⭐ Jaguars Playoff ChancesNot Available
πŸ“Š Odds to Make PlayoffsNot Available
πŸ—½ New York TimesNot Available
🏈 ESPN Power IndexNot Available
βœ… Last VerifiedMarch 24, 2023

Having just one or two sources when it comes to the Jaguars playoff chances isn't enough. That's why we feature multiple angles to paint the most accurate playoff picture. Above you'll find data from the New York Times Postseason Simulator and ESPN's Football Power Index or FPI (FPI measures the strength of the team via net points scale; expected point margin vs average opponent on a neutral field).

To calculate the Jags implied probability, we converted the odds given by the top sportsbooks into a percentage. This is a helpful way to better understand the odds and gives us a detailed outline of their playoff chances.  

Do the Jacksonville Jaguars Have a Chance to Make the Playoffs?

Yes, of course the Jaguars have a chance to make the playoffs. The 2023-24 NFL season hasn't started so technically, all teams have a chance to make the playoffs. In all seriousness, this team has shown they are no longer the laughing stock of the NFL. Recent personnel changes and the development of quarterback, Trevor Lawrence have played a vital role in the team's recent successes. 

The Jacksonville Jaguars made the playoffs in 2022 for the first time since 2017. After beating the Chargers in the AFC Wild Card round 31-30, coming back from a 27-0 deficit in the second period, the Jaguars gave the Kansas City Chiefs all the could in the Divisional Round, ultimately losing 27-20. The biggest threat in the AFC South will be Tennessee Titans.

The Jaguars will want to improve their pass defense this offseason as they were among the worst ranked in the NFL last year. 

Where Can I Bet on the Jacksonville Jaguars to Make the Playoffs?

You can bet on the Jaguars to make the playoffs at all of the top sportsbooks in the United States. You must be at least 21-years of age and present in a state with legal sports betting. Unfortunately, Florida is not currently one of those states. You'll want to seek a nearby state with legal sports betting such as Mississippi or Tennessee to bet on the Jaguars to make the playoffs.

As of right now, sportsbooks do not have NFL playoff odds posted as it is far too early in the offseason. As soon as the Jaguars playoff odds are updated, we will have them posted on this page.

Looking Ahead: Jaguars Playoff Picture

After finishing the season on a five-game winning streak and making the playoffs at 9-8, the Jaguars were amongst the NFLs hottest football teams in the latter part of the season including a hard-fought win against the San Diego Chargers in the AFC Wild Card Round and nearly pulled off a miracle against the Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs in a 27-20 loss to end their season. 

Quarterback Trevor Lawrence was amongst the league’s best quarterbacks in the last-third of the season and while there will likely be a few a few loses on the offensive skills positions, they do add former second-team All-Pro (2020) wide receiver Calvin Ridley from his year-long suspension from a trade with the Atlanta Falcons, and as long as they continue to perform on defense, the Jaguars are almost assuredly going to have the best odds in the AFC South to make the playoffs.

Jacksonville Jaguars Postseason Picture: Key Updates March 2023

The Jaguars are trending in the right direction after decades of underwhelming results. Below you'll find some key organizational updates that could impact the Jaguars upcoming season.

  • πŸ“† March 6, 2023: The Jaguars franchise tag tight end, Evan Engram. Engram was top-5 among tight ends in targets and receptions in 2022.
  • πŸ“† March 6, 2023: The NFL reinstates Jaguars wide receiver Calvin Ridley. A great weapon for Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars offense.
  • πŸ“† February 25, 2023: Jacksonville Jaguars restructures the contract of inside linebacker Foye Oluokun to save $10.336 million in cap space.
  • πŸ“† February 26, 2023: Lineman Roy Robertson-Harris signed a three-year extension worth $30 million.
  • πŸ“† February 26, 2023: Running back JaMycal Hasty was re-signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

If you want to be kept in the loop on all the latest and greatest Jaguars news, bookmark this page. 

Are the Jaguars Out of the Playoffs?

No. The Jaguars and every other team in the NFL are not out of the playoffs because the season has yet to begin. Given the recent moves the Jaguars organization have made, sportsbooks will be relatively high on the Jaguars this year.

They will have Calvin Ridley for the first time this season and have already franchised tagged tight end, Evan Engram. If the Jaguars want to go further than they did last year, they will have to improve their defensive unit. 

Jacksonville Jaguars Super Bowl Odds: Betting on the Jaguars in 2023

The Jacksonville Jaguars currently sit amongst the top-10 in the NFL Odds to win the Super Bowl, according to BetMGM

⭐ BetMGM+2500+2500
⭐ Caesars+2500+2500
⭐ DraftKings+2800+2800
⭐ FanDuel+2500+2500

As you can see, most of the top sportsbooks have the Jaguars at or around +2500 odds to win the Super Bowl. The Jaguars are finally being recognized by oddsmakers as a legitimate contender.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are currently listed with the sixth best odds in the AFC to win the Super Bowl and have the best odds of anyone in the AFC South. With just two NFC teams in the top-10, it is clear the much harder route to the Super Bowl will be in the AFC, including beating defending 2023 Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs.

Latest Jaguars Super Bowl Odds Updates March 2023

Find all the latest updates and news impacting the Jaguars odds to win the Super Bowl:

  • πŸ“† March 6, 2023: The Jaguars are making some moves to solidify their offense for the upcoming season. The Jaguars franchise tag tight end, Evan Engram. Fortunately for the Jaguars, the NFL has reinstated wideout Calvin Ridley. Two key targets for Trevor Lawrence this year.
  • πŸ“† February 26, 2023: Lineman Roy Robertson-Harris signed a three-year extension worth $30 million.

Check back often as all the key developments regarding the Jaguars will be up-to-date on this page as the Jaguars Super Bowl odds fluctuate.

Where Can I Bet on the Jacksonville Jaguars to Win the Super Bowl?

You can currently bet on the Jaguars Super Bowl odds with BetMGM, DraftKings, and FanDuel to win the Super Bowl. While the odds are somewhat similar, with BetMGM at +2500 and DraftKings at +2800, you may find better value at different sportsbooks if you feel confident in the Jaguars chance to win the Super Bowl

How Many Super Bowls Have the Jacksonville Jaguars Won?

Despite their 25-year history the Jacksonville Jaguars have won zero Super Bowls. Further, the Jaguars have zero Conference Championships. The Jaguars have eight playoff appearances in their history, most recently in 2022, but it had been five years since their last playoff appearance and 10 years before that they had competed in the playoffs. The Jaguars do have four division championships from 1998, 1999, 2017 and 2022.

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